Horizontal Grandeur submissions

Each year the Stevens County Historical Society has hosted a juried art show entitled “Horizontal Grandeur” that celebrates the flat lands we call home. I had a few photos in the first “Horizontal Grandeur” show in 2006, but haven’t submitted anything since then, mostly due to being swamped and such. WeatherGrrrl gave me a swift kick in the butt this year, though, and I’ve submitted the following three pieces for their consideration. Now we wait and see what the jury thinks :-)

Photo of snow covered fields in SW Minnesota

Shoulder and fenceline

Photo of winter fields in SW Minnesota at sunset with the Buffalo Ridge windfarm in the distance

Traveling through time

A night-time photo of the office at a grain elevator in Elbow Lake, Minnesota.

Elbow Lake, Minnesota, 7 August 2009

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One Response to Horizontal Grandeur submissions

  1. Phi says:

    I hadn’t really noticed it before, but all three of these shots were quite serendipitous – I just happened to see something and capture it. The first two were just stumbled upon while driving; the top one was shot through the car window while WeatherGrrrl was at the wheel. The Elbow Lake shot was from a photo safari, but my goal had been to photograph fireworks and this was just a happy accident as I walked back into town.

    The sunset shot has been fiddled in Photoshop some to pull out the shadow detail on the ground, but the other two are pretty nearly as they came off the camera.

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