I still love del.icio.us, but the links were a bit much

Slither by Clearly Ambiguous from Flickr
You might have noticed that for a while there I had my new del.icio.us links automagically appearing here every day as posts (at least on days where I created new links). This makes use of a spiffy tool that del.icio.us now provides to automagically generate posts from your recent links.

I really liked the idea of it, but the reality wasn’t quite as hot. The posts just didn’t fit with the “look and feel” of the rest of the blog, and because there were so many of them they ended up dominating both this and our family news page (http://ThomasMcPhee.com/), which is now a WordPress install that aggregates the posts from our three individual blogs using the FeedWordPress plugin.

Even more importantly, WeatherGirl didn’t like ’em.

So they’re gone. I still really like del.icio.us, though. I’ve dropped 477 bookmarks there since I started using it last May, and have found it incredibly useful for saving and (more importantly) finding stuff on that crazy thing call the World Wide Web. I’ll try to put back the little thing in the side-bar that lists recent links and we’ll call it good.

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