Some self-indulgent reminiscing about musical events and people past

I recorded the wonderful KUMM radio show that my American Roots Music First Year Seminar groups put on last December, but the seam where one CD ended and the next began happened to fall right in the middle of Grace and Kristin’s live duet. Grace Doval and Kristin Bennett did a killer a cappella medly of Aesop Rock’s “9-5ers anthem” and Lyle Lovett’s “Walk through the bottomland”. This is hardly an obvious combination, but they really made it work, pulling together all sorts of interesting ideas and traditions in just under 4 minutes of great singing.

I’d promised to pull the two halves out of the recordings and stitch them together so Grace and Kristin could have a decent copy of their performance. I only just got around to it, and it was really fun to hear bits of that show. The students from those two sections did a great job, and I suspect that I’ll enjoy rediscovering my recordings of that two hour show for years to come.

John Peel and grandchildWhile I was fiddling with that I also ended up listening to “Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat” again. This is the excellent one hour documentary of John Peel’s life presented by Jarvis Cocker as part of the great “Keep it Peel” tribute BBC Radio 1 did last December. Still made me smile, and it still made my eyes water, which is quite something given that I never met or spoke to Peel, and it’s now been nearly six months since his death.


Currently listenting to: “Uberman” from Ed Hall’s totally loud and wonderful album Albert. That’s just such fun to head bang to in a crazy punk way – I wish I could capture that great noisy guitar riff in words so I could share :-).

I need to restore that deal that used to display the last 10 songs I’d listened to on iTunes on the right hand side here, but that’ll probably have to wait until June or July. It has to at least wait until I fix comments on WeatherGirl‘s blog. And now there’s version 1.5.1 of WordPress to install. Just too much to do!

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