A far better use of little flags

Back in September I had a good moan about some students here sticking a bunch of American flags in the ground to commorate September 11th, 2001.

Desert Donkey just gave me a pointer to a far better use of little flags. At the University of Oregon a group is setting out flags to represent those killed in the fiasco in Iraq – red for American soldiers and white for Iraqis. Very powerful stuff. There’s a nice photo essay that does an excellent job of giving a sense of the thing, and I definitely recommend it; the photo below is one such image:
Iraq war rememberance flags at U of Oregon

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2 Responses to A far better use of little flags

  1. Desert Donkey says:

    This must be my 15 minutes … a mention here, with a link from Pharyngula. :-)

    It is nice that this story is making it outside our neighborhood.

    Thanks Phi

  2. Phi says:

    And all 15 of them totally deserved. Thanks for your many contributions!

    I hope you enjoyed them. By my watch, they ended quite a while ago :-).

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