Jess Larson enters the on-line world

An example of Jess Larson's chalkware
Jess Larson, fine studio art professor here at UMM, has (as she puts it) “Dot-commed herself”, setting up shop at

It’s a nice, elegant site featuring photographs of her art. She used Shutterbug to build the site. I had no prior acquaintance with Shutterbug before this, but it seems like a quite straightforward tool. It seems especially well suited to the design of largely static image oriented sites (like Jess’s). No replacement for the mighty WordPress for managing dynamic content, but quite good for what it does.

I really like Jess’s work (and I’m only slightly biased), so go check it out! I’ll leave you with the following detail I took of one of her girdles during a special show of her girdles at the PRCA last year.

Dangling around the edges

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2 Responses to Jess Larson enters the on-line world

  1. Go Jess! Those girdles are just amazing.

  2. Phi says:

    Jess’s girdles are definitely quite wonderful. Seeing a large set of them on display at the PRCA last year was really wonderful.

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