Whew – I thought I might have to _talk_ to him

Smile for the camera (or not)
Here I thought I might have to actually interact with Sub-Evil Boy as he takes more responsibility in his world, but apparently I have more than just notes on the fridge to protect me from that onerous task. PayJr apparently provides me with a bizarrely complex web-based solution (complete with a chat tool!) that would only make sense in a world where we’ve completely given up any and all sensible old-school communication mechanisms.

Not to mention the bizarrely sexist name for the product. How many times are young women called “Junior”? Do we just take girls and their obvious love for scullery maid chores so for granted that we don’t need all this machinery to keep track of their work?

Hey, folks – there are real problems out there that need attention. Let’s pass on this sort of fluff.

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2 Responses to Whew – I thought I might have to _talk_ to him

  1. CoryQ says:

    Well, thats… uh, interesting. It somehow hurts my mind to think about PayJr too much.

    When I was growing up my Dad made clear that if other methods didn’t work, economic sanctions did. There are very few things so humbling as having to approach a parent and ask for money. Makes you really think about if you want that item or not and why.

    Hope you and Sub-Evil get some face time.

  2. Phi says:

    It hurt my gray cells quite a lot as well. Currently Sub-Evil’s not a major money freak, and threats of limits on TV or computer time are far more effective :-).

    Happily he and I still get quite a lot of face time and haven’t been reduced to PayJr. He’s obviously growing up and becoming more independent; he’s now doing a solo radio show (Sunday, 10-noon) this summer instead of joining us for our summer show (Sunday, 6-9pm). He’s still not completely fed up with his boring old parents yet, and actually had lunch with me the other day when he could have eaten with his friends.

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