And I slept through the whole thing

Watch your step(s)

Apparently we had an earthquake here in the UK last night around 1am, and Sub-Evil and I snoozed through the whole thing! WeatherGirl, however, was still up and reports on the not-exactly-harrowing experience, complete with links to other sources of info.

This is the second earthquake she’s experienced and I haven’t. (I was in Texas at a workshop when we had a small tremor in Minnesota shortly after we moved there. There’s a wonderful story there, but it’ll have to wait until for another day.)

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4 Responses to And I slept through the whole thing

  1. CoryQ says:

    There was a quake my freshman year in Morris. We thought a big truck was trying to go around the back of Indy Hall (which, as you know, isn’t a through street). We looked out the window, but no truck. Those of us in the lounge thought it was a bit strange, but that was all. Later we learned it was an earth quake.

  2. Phi says:

    That’s almost certainly the one that I missed because I was in Texas. WeatherGirl heard it more than felt it at our house, and apparently people who were driving or running never felt a thing.

    There was apparently a slightly larger one in Morris back in the 1980’s that happened during the high school graduation ceremony so there’s actually video of things swaying a bit and people looking confused.

  3. Alan Krueger says:

    When I lived in California until the age of 13, I managed to sleep through a half-dozen earthquakes, never getting to actually experience one.

    I think I was in NW MN when the aforementioned Morris quake occurred, but we didn’t feel it up there.

    (I did feel an earthquake once in summer 1990 in San Diego. Unfortunately, it had passed before I realized [a] what it was and [b] that I should probably do something like take shelter.)

  4. Phi says:

    I had the same experience during the one (minor) quake we experienced in southern California. By the time I realized what was going on, it was pretty much all over. Not much good in terms of survival instincts – certainly didn’t figure things out fast enough to take shelter.

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