Back from a wonderful visit to Methwold Old Vicarage

Methwold Old Vicorage (Evening panorama)

We just got back from a really fine week at Methwold Old Vicarage, a wonderful Landmark Trust property. The house dates to 1490-1510, and is quite beautiful inside and out. For an American like me, the idea of sleeping in a house constructed in the time of Columbus’s voyage is just too amazing.

The brick front is a veritable sampler of ornate brickwork from the period and remains a real show piece. There are gorgeous carved beams inside, and cool remnants of late 16th century wall paintings in the main bedroom upstairs that are museum quality. And we slept in that bedroom.


We’re totally hooked, and definitely planning another Landmark Trust stay before we return to the States this summer!

I have an utter ton of photos. I’ll be posting some to my “main” Flickr account as I have time process them, and I’m also dumping a bunch of unedited shots to my events account. The shot above is a panorama constructed from six different photos of the house. The brick front faces almost due north, so it’s difficult to get any good light on it. This is in the late evening when the sun had almost swung far enough around.

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2 Responses to Back from a wonderful visit to Methwold Old Vicarage

  1. CoryQ says:

    It is a very strange thing to think that this house is older than the nation you and I live in. Mind boggling!

  2. CoryQ says:

    I hit ‘submit’ too fast on the first comment (that’s what I get for doing this at work). Sure, a lot of things are older than our nation. I mean older than the popular knowledge that the land our nation is on even existing!

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