I’m sure we’ll suck at this (but we’ll have fun!)

Le Tour at 0.9 c
Creative Commons License photo credit: Leucippus

Cory Q of Monkey River Town suckered WeatherGirl and I into forming a fantasy team for the Tour de France. We’ve never done something like this before, and had to do it in a hurry, so I’m guessing that we will not be stellar performers :-). Still, it was a lot of fun sifting through the participants putting our team together, and will make it even more interesting to watch the stages. Now we’ll actually care who comes in 11th in a sprint!

Our team…

  • Magnus Backstedt
  • Fabian Cancellara
  • Sandy Casar
  • Sylvain Chavanel
  • Juan Antonio Flecha
  • Oscar Freire
  • José Ivan Gutierrez
  • Kim Kirchen
  • Oscar Pereiro
  • Yaroslav Popovych
  • Riccardo Ricco
  • Carlos Sastre
  • Christian Vandevelde
  • Jens Voigt
  • Haimar Zubeldia
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6 Responses to I’m sure we’ll suck at this (but we’ll have fun!)

  1. CoryQ says:

    Suckered? That seems a bit strong… lured you with false promises of candy maybe… ;)

    I’m suprised by how many of the same riders we picked for our rosters. Off the top of my head, we share Cancellara, Casar, Flecha (I like his style!), Kirchen, Popovych (my man for the mountains), Vandevelde, and Zubeldia. I also nabbed David Millar (high hopes for his cleaned up act), George Hincapie (they don’t call him Big George for nothing), and Thomas Voeckler (been a fan since he had ten days in yellow a couple years back).

  2. CoryQ says:

    I found how the points work, finally.

    Points will be awarded for the riders who finish in the top 15 each day as listed
    below with bonus points each day to the rider who holds the Yellow Jersey Winner
    (overall time leader), Polka Dot Jersey Winner (best climber) and Green Jersey
    Winner (best sprinter).

    Finish Points per day
    1 – 100
    2 – 91
    3 – 82
    4 – 74
    5 – 66
    6 – 59
    7 – 52
    8 – 46
    9 – 40
    10 -35
    11- 30
    12 -26
    13 -22
    14 -19
    15 -16
    Yellow Jersey Winner (Overall Leader) 25
    Polka Dot Jersey Winner (Best Climber) 5
    Green Jersey Winner (Best Sprinter) 5

  3. CoryQ says:

    Nice performance of your team on Stage 6 (247 pts to my 96)!

  4. Phi says:

    OK, so maybe not suckered :-). In fact there was no coercion at all, although there’s no question that you’re an enabling forced in our sad little lives!

    Cool that our teams are so similar – makes me feel less silly about our choices. I’m amazed we got so many points on Stage 6! We haven’t seen that stage yet, so we haven’t looked at the results. Now I’m all super excited!

    We spent part of the day in a bike shop in Alex (my bike is in for a tune-up while I’m in Atlanta, and WeatherGirl was looking at a new bike), and they had the Tour on a TV there. We kept our back to it and hummed a lot…

  5. CoryQ says:

    Your team gave me the business on stage 7 too! I guess I am the one who got suckered. Who knew you two were fantasy cycling sharks! ;)

    What kind of bike did WeatherGirl end up getting? I am the very proud owner of a new Bianchi (procured on my birthday) Via Nirone 7 with Shimano 105 all around.

  6. Phi says:

    Really??? Very cool! I’ve been travelling all day to Atlanta, and will probably be hopeless about following the Tour while I’m here :-(, so I had no idea what had happened.

    WeatherGirl hasn’t yet decided on a bike. She didn’t like the Trek bikes (all the Alex shop had) as much as the Specialized she tried out up in Fargo, so I think she’ll probably get one of the Specialized when we go up to Fargo to pick up the new car next week after I return. Bianchi is really hot stuff – very impressive. My sister has a Bianchi that she’s very fond of. Mine is a Specialized in serious need of a clean and a tune up, which it’s getting as we speak up in Alex!

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