Who’s the moral majority now?

So all of you out there who voted for George Bush because he was a “good christian“, how are you liking your guy now? Clearly electing government officials because they profess a particular flavour of faith is no guarantee of a government acting with moral rectitude.

Personally I’d rather have a Bill-Clinton-type, whose personal life is a mite chaotic, than a George-Bush-type who has made torture, tax relief for the rich and connected, and anti-intellectualism, American family values.

When next you vote send those, who wave their religious book of choice around and profess moral superiority, packing. Perhaps it’s time for the next American Revolution when those with courage stand up and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights against the onslaught of those who would tear it up in favour of their personal beliefs about right and wrong.

Just a thought.

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4 Responses to Who’s the moral majority now?

  1. Phi says:

    Yeah, it totally amazes me how both conservatives (with a small ‘c’) and Christians (in whichever case) can still believe that Our Fearless Leader is either of these things and deserves anything but their disappointment.

  2. Brent says:

    And Dubya and Dick campaigned on “cleaning up the Whitehouse.” Eek!

    [oh, and nice captchas — or is it captchae? ;^) ]

  3. WeatherGirl says:

    Since installing the CAPTCHAS the spam has completely evaporated. I love it. My in box loves it!

    As for Dubya and Dick – can anyone be surprised given their histories? Shrub hasn’t done a damn thing for himself, everything he’s ever gained has been arranged for him by his dad’s friends. (He couldn’t get elected Prez without the Supremes or crooked voting.) He’s completely dependent on the opinions of others, consequently the moral morass he’s permitted to occur.

    I should stop now, people who claim moral superiority and yet standby while evil acts are committed on their behalf make me very cranky.

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