A home of one’s own

So we’ve put down the big bucks and signed a contract for nine months at a rather nice property right on the edge of the town centre. We did look at a couple of flats with a more central location in town but they were not quite as salubrious so we went for the ‘more exercise’ option. There appears to be every take out option our tummies could desire within a few minutes walk so we look forward to tasting their wares.

Tomorrow morning we do the walk through and then we move ‘our furniture’ in in the afternoon. I’m so looking forward to unpacking properly. Just being able to find everything would be a big win at this point. I brought a number of embroidery projects with me to work on and being able to get these set up would make me a happy camper.

Since we finally have an address we went straight to the library and joined which was incredibly easy and will save ye olde bank balance from over indulgence. Then we trooped down the cobbled pedestrians only street to see if we could sort out an internet connection. There was a certain level of confusion so we weren’t able to do anything right then but when we see ‘the boxes’ in the flat we can work out what sort of hook up we can get.

Late August weather in Colchester continues to resemble late October which is a downer but while we were at the library I picked up every ‘things to do in this part of the world’ leaflet I could lay my mitts on. We will go, see, do stuff regardless of the skies damnit!

I had a strange turn this morning when the whole world seemed to be whirling around rather violently. Made me sick as a dog for a while but after a few hours the universe stabalised and I lost that ashen she’s about to hurl hue. Lets hope the cosmos behaves itself tomorrow.

Current temperature: here 15C/59F, there 66F/19C

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