Recycle or die …

… or at least angst a bit.

Colchester seems to have a pretty active recycling program. Unfortunately we’re not a part of it. Currently they can’t do curbside pick up from buildings that are more than two floors. Don’t ask me why, I don’t understand it myself. After years upon years of recycling a significant amount of waste we are now forced to put recyclables in the dustbin. Every time I bin the something that could be recycled it makes me cringe.

There is a bright spot. Essex County Council does support a number of recycling centres where you can drop of particular materials. Luckily for us there’s one of these about a five minute walk from our flat. We can deposit cans. bottles, magazines, paper and cloth. Sadly, plastic still ends up in the bin.

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3 Responses to Recycle or die …

  1. Phi says:

    That said, however, I’ve not seen a single recycling bin (for pop cans, for example) in town or out at the University. At UMM just about every trash can comes with a phalanx of specialized receptacles for office paper, cans, bottles, etc., etc. Here, there are just trash cans (and often not a lot of them).

    The nearest place for me to take office paper for recycling at the University is two floors up from my office. A bit of a change from back home…

  2. WeatherGirl says:

    There are recycling bins at the university, I’ve seen them, but there are in a central location and not spread all over the place.

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