P.S. I Love You

Quirky. While not high art, I laughed and cried numerous times during this movie, so it gets a tick in the win column from me. It’s a love story told backwards demonstrating a young woman discovering her own life as an independent person. I’m still not convinced that Gerald Butler has what it takes to be a romantic leading man. Manly, half naked, warrior king – yes, but not romcom lead. As for Hillary Swank, hmmm? She’s not a traditional beauty but her comic timing kicks butt and she can do a prat fall with the best of them. Less romance and more physical comedy might be a big win for her. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance, on the other hand, was worth the price of admission all on it’s lonesome. He has a very lovely backside!

A number of 30/40 year old male movie critics clearly have no clue when discussing romcoms. Take anything they say about this film with a pinch of salt.

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  1. Phi says:

    I was pretty dubious going in, as we’d heard a pretty scathing review on the radio the day before, and I seriously considered staying home and working. A chance to spend the afternoon with my family won out, though. And glad I am, as I quite enjoyed the film, for all the reasons my lovely wife has already given. The premise is, I agree a bit odd (bordering on creepy), but no worse than 90% of the other films showing at your local multiplex, and the parties involved pull it off quite nicely. It was also nice that the end wasn’t too pat – upbeat, but no riding off into the sunset stuff.

    Not landmark cinema, but good fun.

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