Bat Walk

Last night we joined a group of locals on a walk through Colchester Castle Park led by members of the Essex Bat Group and park rangers. We leant much about the life cycle of the different species of local bats.

Bat detectors were handed out at the beginning of the walk so we could try and identify where to look to see the bats. They’re tricky little buggers to spot and being able to make their sounds audible helped us look in the right direction. At first nobody picked up anything on the detectors but as we walked around the park and the light dimmed the detectors registered more and more signals. By the end of the night the detectors were constantly sounding as the bats swooped around us and we were able to spot at least one bat every minute or so. It was quite something and well worth going along for the 1.5 hour walk around the Castle Park.

Current temperature: here 20C/68F, there 55F/13C

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