How I while away my time these days.

So I was a little insane at the start of the university year and signed up for three classes. Usually I only take one class a semester or perhaps two if the art discipline are offering a topics class I’m interested in. Officially this makes a half load and entails paying all sorts of fees most of which are for services I won’t ever need or use. As usual I have one credit of beginning piano with Kay Carlson. The other six, yes really SIX, are beginning sculpture and media studies: artist books. This means I’m making a lot of stuff in lots of different media.

I’m feeling a little snowed under.

We’re currently having our autumn break and I’m taking advantage of not having class to attend and catching up with the post-sabbatical unboxing and putting away.

Current temperature: here 34F/1C, there 10C/50F

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