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Minnesota  MN House  MN Senate

Representative for District 12A  Jeff Backer

Senator for District 12 Torrey Westrom

9th Feb 2017  HF322  (SF679) “Governmental units allowed to sue to recover costs related to unlawful assemblies and public nuisances.”  To restrict the people’s exercise of their first amendment rights.  Reaction to BLM protests.  Aug 2017

9th Feb 2017  HF55 (SF148) “Highway obstruction penalties increased.”  To penalise  people exercising their first amendment rights when they obstruct the highway.  Reaction to BLM protests.  Aug 2017

9th Feb 2017 HF649 (SF472) “Morris; water treatment facility funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.”

13th Feb 2016 HF683 “Public waters and drainage systems deadline for buffer requirements extended, and federal or state assistance required to enforce buffer requirements.”  Trying to kill Governor Dayton’s work to clean up MN’s water.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency   Air/Water/Waste

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