Check out Sub-Evil Boy’s beats!

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While Sub-Evil Boy and I were in Wisconsin in late June, he started seriously fiddling with GarageBand, and he went completely ape while I was away in Seattle, making buckets of little songs. He’s got one up on his blog, and I’m sure there will be more (too many more!) once we get back from Alaska.* There’s a very cool one with excerpts from Steven Colbert’s excellent roast of Our Fearless Leader that’s definitely worth hearing when it’s uploaded.

* Yup – Sub-Evil and are are off to Alaska bright and (too) early Friday morning! My folks are taking the family up there on a big mass vacation in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary (which isn’t until next summer, but “Life’s uncertain – eat dessert first!”). I’ve never been, so I’m really pumped. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) WeatherGirl chose to not join us – way too much driving and moving about in a short period of time for her tastes. She’ll have loads of fun without us, though…

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One thought on “Check out Sub-Evil Boy’s beats!”

  1. I’ve been doing some playing around with GarageBand myself this weekend, since I got a new 20″ iMac Core Duo last Friday. This has resulted in a remix of (Alaska) Sen. Ted Stevens’ recent “Series of Tubes” speech on Net neutrality.

    Have a good time with Sub-Evil in Alaska! I went there about 13 years ago with my dad, brother, uncle and cousin and we had a great time halibut fishing up there, though I did get seasick once. :(


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