“Wrong radio station” by Zephaniah rocks!

I’m finally wading through the John Peel tribute concerts the BBC did, and I just heard Benjamin Zephaniah’s piece “Wrong radio station” and it’s absolutely brilliant. A little digging suggests it hasn’t been released yet :-(. The way they announced it suggested that it will appear on the forthcoming album Naked, but the amazon.co.uk entry doesn’t list a track with that name, so I’m not sure.

If you want to hear it, it’s about 2 hours and 16 minutes into part 2 of the Keep It Peel show (counting the documentary as Part 1). I also found an I Reggae interview page with Real Audio versions of it that my computer won’t play :-(. You can also check out Zephaniah’s page which has some pretty cool stuff. (I really liked his letter explaining his reasons for not accepting an OBE – in the media section.)

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One thought on ““Wrong radio station” by Zephaniah rocks!”

  1. the title of the track is Rong Radio Station and you can find it on his new album “Naked” which is about to be released. Amazon spelt it wrongly.They wrote “Rolling stone station”!! :-)
    You can buy the album as a pre-release on the web site of its recording company, at

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