Fat lot of good it’s doing you _there_ !!!

Fat lot of good it's doing you _there_ !!!
Yesterday we had our annual “Small midwest town summer parade”, as required by the by-laws of the Small Midwest Town Association. It was the traditional blend of politics, commerce, community groups, bands, flags, and princesses, and despite the fairly atrocious heat was lots of fun. I took way too many pictures, some of which will probably find their way onto Flickr over time.

This fellow was riding his bike down the (quite busy) sidewalk, which was bad. He did have his helmet, though, which was good. But he wasn’t wearing it, which just makes me want to throw things! <Deep breath…>

He was actually riding with a (younger?) girl that I’m guessing was his sister. She was wearing her helmet, which is further evidence that women are smarter than men. The fact that he had his at all is probably due to some parently requirement, but it would appear that a little follow through might be necessary.

Thus endeth the rant…

And big ups to Sub-Evil Boy, who continues to demonstrate excellent judgement in the face of his hormonal heritage: his helmet gets used. Further props to his wonderful Aunt (my wonderful sister) for getting him his first helmet and making sure that they were an integral part of his world view from the beginning.

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  1. I recently pulled up next to a guy on a crotchrocket at a stoplight who had his helmet attached to the back of his motorcycle.

    Yea for evolution at work.

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