A stem in the jumble

A stem in the jumble, originally uploaded by Unhindered by Talent.

Several years ago I planted some Cayenne seeds in an odd patch of ground that had never been much use to anyone. Much to my surprise, I got a lot of peppers off that, and very spicey ones to boot! Unfortunately, they were arguably too spicey, and we ended up using very few of them because they were just too darn hot for various members of my family.

So there they sat, drying nicely in a bowl in the kitchen. For years. Literally. Many years. Gathering dust.

Finally, WeatherGirl put her foot down and announced that we were composting those little husks and moving on. But before that happened, I just had to take some photos. The first ones are set on the lid of a cast iron dutch oven that I love (but which we don’t use all that often). There’s another neat group posed with an empty lime cordial bottle, but I haven’t had time to clean and post those yet. Hopefully in the next week…

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2 thoughts on “A stem in the jumble”

  1. I tried to grow some pepper plants once, but after a couple of very small peppers they died. Not too sure what I was doing wrong, but I guess i’m not too green fingered.

    Why did you compost the husks, could you not use them in cooking once they were dried?

  2. I’ve had mixed results with peppers, but for me the variety I’m growing obviously makes a big difference. Some (like these cayennes) have done very well, while others (esp. bell) just don’t succeed. I don’t care a whole lot about crop, though – for me gardening is as much experiment as anything else.

    I’m sure the husks were totally edible (if a little dusty). But given that we hadn’t eaten them in over five years, it wasn’t clear they were ever going to be used up and she was tired of looking at them :-).

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