Victory!!!, originally uploaded by Unhindered by Talent.

Or at least damn good news!

My dad IM’ed me in the office this morning to say that he’d just gotten back from his first major doctor’s visit since radiation treatment ended last month, and he got a clean bill of health. They didn’t see any signs of the cancer in his throat, so now it’s all about regaining his strength after the nasty rigors of the treatment.

They say that if this type of cancer is going to come back, it will almost certainly do so within two years. So now we wait. Today’s report, though, means that however it turns out, going through all that bought him something significant, and that really helps.


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4 thoughts on “Victory!!!”

  1. Good news. Best wishes as you and your family go forward.

  2. Congratulations, I’m glad hear things are on the right track. Best wishes and all the luck to your dad and the entire McPhee family.

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