Science at work

Science at work, originally uploaded by Unhindered by Talent.

For his 7th grade science project, Sub-Evil Boy studied the effect of different kinds of wrapping (foil, wax paper, etc.) on protecting slices of bread from freezer burn.

One of my parental roles was to take photos that he could use as part of his display. I quite liked this one of various slices of bread fresh out of the freezer and waiting to be weighed, but it was deemed too “artsy” :-). So I get to post it on Flickr (and here on my blog)!

(Between my sister and I, he also got way more advice on data analysis, statistics, and graphing than any poor 7th grader should be subjected to. Makes for some very nice results, though.)

He did quite well at the local science fair in early January, and is headed off to the regional competition on Saturday. Huzzah!

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