Goo Gone rules!

Half a bat
OK, it took forever, but thanks to the joys of Spring Break I finally found a few moments to clean the shelf with the dead bat bits stuck to it [earlier story][photos of said bat]. A huge thanks to all the people who left their suggestions as to how to sort out the problem both here and on PeeZed’s blog.

Goo Gone bottle
Goo Gone was the most common suggestion, so a trip was made to the local hardware store and said cleaner was acquired. And it worked beautifully! I dripped a little on, let it soak for a few minutes as per the instructions, and then wiped it off. It took a little rubbing in places, but it all came off, and without too much effort. There is much rejoicing!

Huge thanks too everyone who was kind enough to share their ideas, and especially to those who coveted the new character that our bookshelf had acquired. I’m sorry to say that the Goo Gone has completely removed that character without any markings on the wood whatsoever.

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2 thoughts on “Goo Gone rules!”

  1. Have you contacted the manufactuer? That sounds like a great testimonial. Maybe you’ll get a lifetime supply of Goo Gone. (considering I’ve had the same bottle for several years, that’s actually not a hugely expensive reward)

    Glad to hear it worked out.


  2. It would have never occurred to me, but it sounds like a great idea! And I can even give them before and after photos :-). As you say, I can’t imagine going through huge crates of the stuff, but it might still be worth contacting them. Thanks!

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