Why we (also) have no pens

Why I have no pens, originally uploaded by Richard-.

After we lost both our cats last year, we then fostered a couple of cats in the fall, conveniently adopting out the second just before we left for Arkansas for christmas so we didn’t need anyone to look after any pets while we were away.

We are now happy to be fostering Paco, an incredibly fiesty little black cat that looks remarkably like the devilish fellow in this excellent shot (which is totally not my doing). Paco loves to scatter our bits and pieces (pens definitely included), not to mention climb every vertical feature with any sort of purchase (curtains, bookshelves, us). She loves human company, is a total cuddle bug, and is quite fond of wandering around on top of you while you’re sleeping, purring madly, and rubbing her nose in your face.

Hopefully they’ll be able to find a permanent home for her before too long. She’s a sweetie and deserves a good family.

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