Hi-tech version of an age old idea

An example of a modern

Nate Fortuna posted an interesting piece in my Social and Ethical Implications of Technology course on a modern version of the old idea of a “foundling wheel”. The original was something like a revolving wooden barrel, usually in the wall of a hospital or convent, where one could anonymously leave a baby to be cared for by others.

Now numerous hospitals in Europe have created modern equivalents, where one can anonymously leave a baby at a hospital. Instead of a wooden barrel, though, they now have heated cradles, respirators, and alarms that immediately notify emergency room personal.

It’s obviously deeply unfortunate that anyone would feel the need to abandon a child, but this is clearly a far better option than the steps of a church, a cardboard box in an alley, garbage bins, or worse.

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  1. Ed Lathrop says:

    I hope that “foundling wheel” helps. I couldn’t have imagined leaving my baby antwhere alone. Anyone that would do a thing like that would do about anything. However, you got to appreciate some one trying to help the baby get a good start in life.


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