You folks are super generous!

Mutant Variety Show poster
OK, now I’m officially exhausted. The Mutant Variety Show is done, and all the wonderful folks that came were amazingly generous! I just finished counting out the donation jars, and we raised nearly $450 tonight which, along with the (currently) $253 donated on-line at our Lance Armstrong Foundation site, makes a total just a hair short of $700!

You all rock!!!

It was a whole lot of fun. Our many guest performers were really wonderful, and the audience was splendid, singing along, dancing, and generous with their support and applause. We had a bit over a 100 folks in attendance, mostly UMM students, along with staff, faculty, and members of the Morris community. We should have audio and video recordings of the event soon, so those of you who missed it may have an opportunity to check it out later. Stay tuned!

Sub-Evil Boy did a great job, and I was totally proud of him. Well done sir! His great “Taco Man” was a well deserved hit. (There are rumors of another performance of “Taco Man” at this year’s Pride Week Drag Show…)

A final reminder that you can still donate on-line at our LAF site. Thanks a ton to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “You folks are super generous!”

  1. Nic,

    Did John Hanson record a version of Twig in Moonlight? Would you happen to have a copy?

  2. I don’t know of a recording of “Twig in moonlight”, although you can certainly poke him and see if he has one. We recorded the concert, and will be sharing the recordings with the performers. Depending on the quality of the recordings and the thoughts of the performers there may be mechanisms for distributing copies of that.

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