It’s not quite like seeing yourself on TV

Yesterday I had the happy experience of finding out that my photos were being used in two rather unexpected (but cool!) ways.

Moreover banner image

The first was completely out of the blue. I got a nice note from the on-line editor of Moreover letting me know that they had used one of my photos (“Alice, and her beside book of birds“) as the starting point for a new banner image (above) for their website. I don’t know anything about the blog than what a quick look around would indicate, but it seems a reasonable blog of book commentary and review, as part of a (new?) magazine (Intelligent Life) owned by the Economist magazine. They presumably found my photo through a search on Flickr (probably looking for books), so thanks to Flickr, and thanks to Mary and Larry, whose house the photo was taken in.

Dragonfly on blazing star in Vorhees' garden

The second was a little less suprising, but still cool. Dad’s an active member of the Benton County Master Gardeners group in NW Arkansas, so I showed him my notes and examples on photographing gardens that I put together for a garden and art tour earlier in the summer. He then asked if he could share them with his group, and what were really just some rough notes have subsequently turned into the lead article in their monthly newsletter! Dad had told me that they were probably going to use some of my notes, but I certainly didn’t expect them to feature so prominently, or to be included in toto (over two issues).

Hee, hee, hee…

And just a few hours after posting this, I found out that a photo from our previous UK sabbatical is being used on the Tate St. Ives Wikipedia page!

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