An excellent follow-up to the Lessig video

Or, more on how the world is changing wildly while we’re busy making other plans:

This is a wonderfully simple and provocative video. You can quibble about some of the details, but don’t. Step back and soak in the big picture. And then think about how we educate our kids and ourselves. (I’m sure that teaching children that the earth is 6,000 years old must be a win. Really. Just must be.)

The folks at The OpenHouse Project get credit for both the pointer, and for relating this to the Lessig video.

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3 thoughts on “An excellent follow-up to the Lessig video”

  1. Wow, that was really cool but scary. How the hell do you prepare for a world that changes so fast? Maybe climate change will solve the problem for us by nuking the world and making it all moot. Now that’s a really scary thought.

  2. It is really amazing and unsettling, isn’t it? It certainly makes you think hard about how we’re educating our kids (and ourselves). Are we preparing them for this reality, or for the world we grew up in?

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