Unrelenting, the seasons change

Drops, bordering on fall

Apparently they’ve had snow back in Morris, but we’re not likely to see any of the white stuff here in Colchester. The leaves are turning with enthusiasm, however, and it’s definitely crisp when Sub-Evil and I walk in together in the mornings. We’ve even seen a little frost. Hats and gloves are good, but a sweatshirt with rain shell is sufficient outerwear if you’re walking.

Colchester is one of the drier parts of the UK as it has about the most land west of it of any location on the islands. We’ve walked in some intermittent drizzle, but I’ve yet to walk any distance in real rain. (Sub-Evil’s not been so lucky, however, and got drenched one day coming home.)

The photo is from a nice park/green space in Colchester (see map) that was the Quaker cemetery from the mid-1700’s to the mid-1800’s. Sometime after they quit using it as a cemetery, they donated it to the city. Remaining head stones were moved to the edges of the space, leaving a wonderful little park.

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