Almost to Sweden, but then not

Linkoping University by Dean Man ... Walking
sister (and co-author) is visiting Link√∂ping University in Sweden this week both as an external examiner on a PhD defense, and giving a talk as part of a seminar entitled “Conservation biology in animals — behavior, genetics, welfare”. The first half of her talk is on work we did together, using computer simulations to better understand the impact of changes in selection pressure on genetic and phenotypic diversity of populations. This will (I think) be the first public airing of these results, so this is pretty exciting stuff.

I actually made the mistake of peeking a bit at what a flight would cost to join her, and we got all excited when the early results were actually very promising. Unfortunately further examination made it clear that “zipping over to Sweden for a few days” would in fact run close to $1K, which is money we really don’t have at the moment.


I’d never been to Scandinavia before, and it would have been really cool to hear the talks (especially hers) and meet the other biologists at the seminar. But such is life.

At the kind invitation of Michael O’Neill, I am going to the University of Dublin to give a talk in early December, which will be lots of fun. I’ve been to Ireland once before, to give a talk at the University of Limerick, and really enjoyed it. I’ve never been to Dublin, though, so I’m quite excited. Dublin Tourism has a very cool set of free podcast walking tours (smart people, them) which I’ve been listening to as a way of figuring out where I want to visit in my limited tourism time.

Thanks to Dead Man … Walking for the photo. Gotta love all those bikes, eh?

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