A little distraction for a Friday

Launchpad screenshot

Looking for something fun for a Friday afternoon? Hard to beat the joys of Launchball! This is an amazingly fun and clever little game, and I wasted all too many minutes going through the levels. And it’s from the Science Museum just down the way in London.

Don’t blame me for this distraction – it’s all Kjell’s fault.

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One thought on “A little distraction for a Friday”

  1. Very similar to The Incredible Machine, but not quite as good, in my opinion (less freedom for how to set things up, fewer different kinds of pieces that you can use, and much more obvious beat-you-over-the-head science lesson that reminds you you’re supposed to be learning).

    I highly recommend pulling a copy of Incredible Machine off an abandonware site or a p2p client and burning hours on that instead (or in addition to).

    Still fun, though.

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