Tim O’Reilly? Grateful he’s not Bill O’Reilly.

Technology publishing magnate Tom O’Reilly apparently gets loads of questions and comments from confused fans of Bill O’Reilly. Awfully nice of him to share some of their more charming idiosyncratic behaviors!

clipped from radar.oreilly.com

Meanwhile, we get some real humdingers showing how out of touch with reality some of the O’Reilly Factor fans are.

I have read in The Onion newpaper, that Bush has cut off diplomatic relations with Congress. I found this to be unbelievable and I thought it would be illegal! Can you check it out and see if it is true? How can you run a government and not talk to the Congress??

Not only can Bill O’Reilly’s fans not distinguish between a technology publisher and a right wing pundit, they can’t tell that the Onion is a satire! Or else they are just trying to yank his chain. (But someone smart enough to do that would know that oreilly.com is not theoreillyfactor.com.)

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One Response to Tim O’Reilly? Grateful he’s not Bill O’Reilly.

  1. CoryQ says:

    Interstingly enough, it isn’t just O’Reilly fans that have been caught on this. Once, several years ago, while waiting to get my hair cut, I stumbled across a letter to the editor in Reader’s Digest. The confused writer cited an article in The Onion about how Harry Potter books were turning kids into Satanists. To their credit, Reader’s Digest simply responded “You will be glad to know that The Onion is a satirical newspaper”. I had a photocopy of this page for a number of years to brandish as physical proof (because we can all admit it sounds like an urban legend) but that photocopy has been lost to the vagaries of time.

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