When will you buy your last TV?

You must protect yourself from those evil marketing rays
The ever enlightening John Naughton is suggesting that TV execs perhaps have their heads in the sand about the changes in how much we watch TV. Sadly, this isn’t terribly surprising, and could no doubt be extended to include almost everyone in the “old school” entertainment industry (RIAA, MPAA).

At the end, however, he has this brilliant bit:

Bill Thompson has a vivid way of expressing this: no child entering primary school this year will ever buy a television set, he predicts.

Wow – doesn’t that just nail it? I shared this with WeatherGirl (who was probably being productive instead of just surfing the net for random crap), and she pointed out that our family may well have purchased our last TV several years ago. We’ll certainly buy video display systems in the future, but probably not TVs in the classic tuner+display form.

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