New ways to bore you with our holiday photos

Cover of our 2007 Year in Photos book on Blurb

I can’t really imagine that anyone’s going to want one of these, but just in case…

As a Xmas present for our various family members we used to create a photo book of some of our images from 2007. But hey, you can join the family by purchasing one as well :-). It’s 127 photos on 38 pages, and they have a PDF preview so you can see what you’re getting into before you put your money down.

This was our first use of Blurb, and their software was pretty decent. Amazing, really, how easy it is these days to publish books that no one really cares about. It used to be hard to publish books no one cared about; they regularly gave people degrees for it.

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One thought on “New ways to bore you with our holiday photos”

  1. Yeah, printed books are so easy to make these days and cheap. They do make great gifts or momentos for oneself.

    I just got my 138 page 13″x11″ book from blurb. I was lucky to only have a few minor print issues with blurb, but the price and overall quality were great. The cost (with shipping) was just shy of $100, but it puts the other coffee table books to shame.

    Here are some shots of what I got back, including mistakes:

    Thanks for sharing.

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