And the all-important Stevens County results are in!

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As far as I can tell, most of the major news outlets have yet to report the details of yesterday’s Democratic Caucus results from Stevens Country, MN. The county DFL chair Peter Wyckoff has, however, sent out the results, allowing me to fill that key gap. Arguably the best news of the evening is that there were 540 total votes, which is way up from 192 votes in 2004. Not being in Morris, I don’t have anything concrete to say about the reasons for this, but an increase in participation is almost certainly to the Good.

As far as those silly candidate like things go, Obama pretty much cleaned up in Stevens Country, mirroring his success in Minnesota in general:

Barack Obama 387 72%
Hillary Rodham Clinton 139 26%
John Edwards 8 1%
Dennis Kucinich 2 0%
Uncommitted 2 0%
Frank Lynch 1 0%
Joe Biden 1 0%
Chris Dodd 0 0%
Bill Richardson 0 0%

It’s hard for me to make a lot of immediate sense out of the results nationwide as they seem extremely scattered. One thing that I think is interesting, though, is that Clinton only carried more than 60% in one state (Arkansas – her previous home), while Obama carried 8 states with more than 60%, two of which were over 70% and one (Idaho) with a whopping 80%! OK, I realize that 80% of the handful of people in Idaho aren’t going to swing a national presidential election, but the fact that he carried so many states so strongly does seem to speak to larger questions of electability in November.

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2 thoughts on “And the all-important Stevens County results are in!”

  1. It was crazy at the caucus last night. To touch on your statement about the reason for the high turnout, there were a lot of people who seemed genuinely happy to be there, and excited about getting involved (beyond just casting a ballot). I think just having your contest matter more than it usually does (I think that the ’04 race was over, or all but over, by the time Minnesotans caucused) was a big help with the numbers.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I like your blog?

    This is an interesting election year. There is a palpable feeling of excitment and interest in the air. Mary is a poli-sci nerd so I expect a lot of political talk from her, but I am hearing this sort of chatter from a lot of people, some of whom I don’t think have ever really cared before. I know people who went to the cacauses and enjoyed being part of the process.

    I don’t know how to make much sense of the results yet. I really want to see ‘The Dream Ticket’ happen.

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