3.1415927 reasons to tune in to KUMM (on- or off-line)

Fri 4-6pm at KUMM (Spring 2008)

  • They have a fancy new redesigned web site.
  • You can check out cool photos like the one above in their new gallery.
  • They have the schedule on-line so you know who you’re listening to!
  • They’re way cooler than the lame radio station that those other people are listening to.
  • You know you want to listen to a station where the DJs have that many CDs to play with.
  • We’re in Britain, so you’ll almost guaranteed not to hear our voices for several months. (It’s not 100%, though, because the promo spots that we’ve done over the years have a habit of turning up now and then.)
  • Cory Funk (a mighty and wondrous KUMM alum) is back on the air and has a killer 1 hour show at 5pm (Central time) on KUST. (Yeah, I realize that I’m plugging another station here, but Cory wouldn’t be that amazing without all his KUMM experience, now would he?)

I enjoy listening at what are very odd hours back in Minnesota and then IM’ing requests. It really messes with their heads to have profs listening at 3am…

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3 thoughts on “3.1415927 reasons to tune in to KUMM (on- or off-line)”

  1. Mighty and wonderous? You’re making me blush! I am humbled that you would be so kind as to promote my tiny show and even more pleased that you took the time to tune in. And you are right, I would be vitrually nothing without all the hours I spent down in the B studio messing with reel to reel and hauling the couch into studio A do the midnight to 3am shift.

    Heck, it was on my watch that the station installed those cool cd cabinets that make up the background of that really cool picture that goes with this post. I at least tried to leave something solid behind as KUMM has given so much to me. That was about the hardest thing when I graduated from UMM; giving back my KUMM studio key.

  2. They make you turn in your keys over there? There are dozens of UR keys floating around in the hands of former editors.

  3. I think I could have walked off with the key, but like a lot of things, if you take it seriously, you do the right thing because you care.

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