We have arrived in Spain!

It towers above us (and hangs over our heads)

After many days of preparing to start to begin to get ready to go on vacation (e.g., packing and cleaning the apartment in Colchester, traveling to Preston, etc., etc.), we are finally here in Spain and can start Having Fun (TM). We first arrived in Madrid, where we had a few hours to kill, so we wandered out and found a restaurant where Sub-Evil got an excellent swordfish steak, and I had some cool aged local cheese of unknown name and description.

We then took a brilliant train to Toledo, checked into our hotel, and wandered the tiny cobbled streets of the old town some. We had a fine dinner outside, with my meal being a stew of sorts made from free range local rabbit. I was having real trouble getting any meat off of one piece until (after much poking about) I realized it was half of the head (split right down the middle, top to bottom when looking at it face one)! (I took photos, but I’ll let you sift through the full set on my “events account” to find those.)

The old town is a gorgeous medieval city with stone buildings crowding in on narrow cobbled streets that are quite something to drive on. Many are so narrow that pedestrians have to step into doorways to make room for the car to pass.

We've arrived in Toledo

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2 thoughts on “We have arrived in Spain!”

  1. Dear Mr McPhee
    It is one thing to have a camera and to shoot off huge numbers of images
    of your holiday but did you have to post 2,300 of them on flickr? I have been trying to find other photographers pics of Toledo and have had to trawl through your mass of photos to get to them. One or two of yours are very good but about 2,200 of them are run-of-the-mill snaps. Why do you feel the need to post all of these as well? It’s taken up an unnecessary amount of my time and proved irksome.
    yours sincerely

  2. [I also e-mailed this directly to Bill, who I don’t think I don’t know from any other context.]

    Thanks for your comment regarding all the photos I posted from Toledo. I’m genuinely sorry if posting all my images made things more difficult for you to find what you were looking for. I certainly agree that the vast majority of photos I post to my “events” account aren’t anything special; they were posted simply so our family could follow our time in Spain.

    I’m unclear, however, on what you were searching for (and where and how), and how my photos interfered with that.

    If I search for “Toledo” on Flickr, for example, I go through _many_ pages of photographs before _any_ of mine turn up. If I focus the search to “Toledo Spain” and sort by “Most interesting” I again go through many pages of photos before I run across any of mine. This would suggest that I’m not someone making it hard to find photos of Toledo by other photographers in any generic sense.

    Are there instead _specific_ photos you’re trying to find, and my photos are making it hard to find those photos?

    Feel free to reply either by e-mail or here on the blog.


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