‘Tis time for the Tour!

aller à bicyclette, originally uploaded by Summa for Strings.

The mighty Tour de France started yesterday. We’ve been recording it, but haven’t actually seen any of it yet (unpacking, etc.). Soon, though, there will be many hours of bike racing in our lives!

Thanks to “Summa for Strings” for this amazing photo!

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One Response to ‘Tis time for the Tour!

  1. CoryQ says:

    Oh good! I am very relived to hear I am not the only person I know who is consumed in the month of July by the Tour! I’ve watched the coverage on Versus for the last two days but won’t ruin the action for you. I love listening to Phill Liggett and Paul Sherwin call the event. When I met Robin Williams we talked about the tour a little bit and he did a Phil impression!

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