Dead people scare me, so it’s nice to know that Saddam is still on the Terrorist Watch List

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As most anyone who’s flown much in the last few years can attest, the existing TSA airport security system frequently borders on the ludicrous. I know I’m more comfortable in the air knowing that 7-year-old John Anderson (of Minneapolis) is on the national Terrorist Watch List, and his parents have to “check in at the ticket counter so an airline official can see that he’s a child”.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be even further depressed on this issue, I definitely recommend the ACLU’s short “national security quiz”. It’s really nice to know that “The U.S. government can seize your laptop, cell phone or PDA as you enter the U.S. and download all your private information—all without a warrant or probable cause” ’cause we are the Home of the Free and the Beacon for Democracy or some such. It’s also reassuring to learn that there are over 1 million people on the national Terrorist Watch List (which is then reduced to little more than a massive fishing expedition), and that includes a number of high profile dead people.

‘Cause dead people are so scary when they fly…

Man, oh, man, what a boondoggle. Absolutely enormous amounts of money and energy being expended, little of which actually does anything to make us more secure.

Another proud resume item for Our Fearless Leader. And another reason to be grateful that his fiasco of a presidency will end soon.

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2 thoughts on “Dead people scare me, so it’s nice to know that Saddam is still on the Terrorist Watch List”

  1. Sure he may be dangerous, but does Sadam know where to find Morris ?


  2. All depends on whether he can use Google Maps, I guess :-). Of course, you can’t fly here commercially, so the TSA folks will have to start checking the shuttle van service between here and the Twin Cities.


    We probably don’t want to go down that road, do we?

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