Why the sudden interest in “feather braids”?

Feather, braids, and beads

Feather, braids, and beads

Anyone know why there’s been a sudden spike in searches for “feather braids”? I’ve seen a big spike in views on a photograph I took at the UMM Powwow back in 2007 (see the plot below).

Views on Feathers, braids, and beads

Views on Feathers, braids, and beads

When I drill down into the search terms, it’s clear that lots of people are searching for “feather braids”, “how to do feather braids” and the like. When I search for “feather braids” on Google, my photo on Flickr is the fourth link, which is presumably why there have been so many hits all of a sudden. I can’t find anything that would explain this flurry of searches, however. Anyone out there in the Hive Mind know what’s driving this?

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3 Responses to Why the sudden interest in “feather braids”?

  1. cinthia says:

    shear genius, one of the contestants mentioned a feather braid she had done, everyone wants to know the how to

  2. Phi says:

    Thanks! That’s exactly the kind of thing that I suspected, but it’s nice to know where it happened.

  3. shareena says:

    Yup Janine from SG called her fishtail braid a feather braid so everyone wants to know

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