Massive road trip: Day 1

And today, the adventure began. Tom & I left the house this morning for the first leg of our 3 week road trip.

Today was mostly spent on I-94, about 400 miles crossing western Minnesota and almost all of North Dakota. NoDak greeted us with a monster SW wind, but only 3 wind turbines to be seen as we crossed all that flat.

We’re camping tonight at Roosevelt National Park. It’s hotter than heck here, so we’re hiding in a pizza joint with A/C and wifi. Got the tent set up before dinner, though, & saw many prairie dogs & a pair of wild horses.

After this little break we’re going out driving/hiking for a bit before we lose the light.

Oh, and I hit a crow in flight with the bumper while doing 60! He was essentially unable to make headway into the wind. A first in several decades of driving.

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