Newark Airport: How do you annoy me?

Oh, let me count the ways:
– No free WiFi. In 2015. Soon they’ll be handing out candles.
– It reminds me of changing planes in O’Hare in the 70’s (& that’s not a Good Thing).
– The only map I could find was on a big display panel which spent 3 or 4 times as long displaying ads as showing me the map. I’d swear that it actually sensed my attention and flipped over to ads on purpose.
– No free WiFi. Seriously.
– Lots of fake variety in the food choices, with banks of “different” restaurants all fronting a single big kitchen churning out the same fries.
– Clearly not enough bathrooms. Saw way too many lines coming out of the ladies.
– God awful lines at the security checkpoints. Luckily I was on the “right” side, but the queues did not look fun.

And the views of the area are, well, pretty industrial. To be fair most airports aren’t in the most scenic of neighborhoods. Still, Newark Airport seems to live in a particularly stark pit of the universe. If I landed here at the start of a visit to the US, I’d certainly wonder if I should turn around and head home rather than venture out into that wasteland.

I’ll go see where we get our candles in case it gets dark before we leave.

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One thought on “Newark Airport: How do you annoy me?”

  1. Oh, and they’re thin on electrical outlets. And hadn’t initially noticed, but there are these little groups of refugees from some alien, hi-tech future huddled around them like community campfires. To get juice I had to muscle out two nice ladies sharing pictures of their grandkids.

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