A fun working holiday

Antique radio
Since I only had a ton of school related stuff that I needed to be working on over Thanksgiving, I ended up spending most of Friday taking photos of needle art, and much of the weekend fiddling with the results.

WeatherGirl is a key player in a group that has arranged to bring the EGA‘s 18th National Exhibit to our happy little hamlet in January. This is a pretty big deal and will bring some pretty spectacular needle art to Morris, and we’re definitely on the small side of the distribution of towns hosting the exhibit; kudos to the PRCA and the Stevens County Museum for enriching our community with this event.

Pastel crosses
A whole host of coordinated events are also being organized, one of which is a juried exhibition of work by local needle artists. I was then “volunteered” to take photos of some of these local works in the Stevens County Museum. Some of which will then be used on cards which will be sold at the Museum and the PRCA Gallery to help defray the costs of bringing the exhibit to Morris. So WeatherGirl, my Mom (my folks are here for Thanksgiving), and I spent many hours at the Museum Friday making it happen. WeatherGirl and Mom were a huge help, both in helping identify pieces that would photograph well in those conditions, and in helping put together scenes and vignettes that combined pieces and items from the museum’s collections. The top piece, for example, is resting on top of a cool antique radio, and the pastel crosses are on an antique bible in Norwegian.

It was a lot more work than I think any of us expected (except, perhaps, WeatherGirl – but she’s omniscient), but I think we got some good shots. It’ll be interesting to see which shots the Powers That Be choose to turn into cards, and how well (or not) they sell. (This whole commerce thing is always a little annoying. I like doing what I do, but thinking about how other people might purchase or choose gives me a headache. It’s important here, though, so we press on.)

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Commerce (re)defined

Make Tea Not War
A few weeks ago, Sub-Evil Boy amused himself greatly with his new, improved definition of vending: “Buy crap, sell crap, eat crap”. Short and to the point, eh?

In that (not entirely) grand tradition, we’re here to flog our first foray into the land of unhindered commerce with our new, improved (huh? there was nothing there before…) Unhindered By Talent Cafe Press shop! You can use this venue to purchase really spiffy “Make tea not war” gear, calligraphed by yours truly. You can’t eat our crap, but you can wear it, and help spread an excellent meme in the process.

Mags Make tea not war photo from Flickr
This all started with Mags’ excellent photo on Flickr, which I just had to show to WeatherGirl. Her immediate response was that she wanted that sentiment on a shirt for her birthday, which seemed an excellent idea to all. I then squandered my opportunity to do the work over the summer, and ended up doing the calligraphy in a crazy rush the weekend before her birthday. Once we got it all sorted out, it became clear that we would all need to get “Make tea not war” clothing, and once we’d started down that road a Cafe Press shop was pretty much the unavoidable outcome.

So, there you have it. “Make tea not war” on a dizzying array of random stuff.

Or, to (mis)quote one of the great minds of the 21st century (at least among those minds that regularly hang at our house): “Buy crap. Sell crap. Wear crap.”

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