Misty and I got the gallery working again!

Misty and managed to get the gallery working again! Actually I did all the technical fiddling, but she was able to run tests for me from St. Louis (iChat rules for this sort of thing!) and is now busily uploading some very cool Galapagos photos.

Much fun!

Now we need to fix the sad and pathetic theme situation on thomasmcphee.com.

I think we might be able to get a random photo plugin for WordPress that will pull photos from our gallery if we want. Would we like something like that, or does that clutter things up?

Are we going to want links to the gallery from the blogs, or just a link to thomasmcphee.com? If we want to link to the gallery, we can have a link that goes to the gallery as embedded in PostNuke, or we can link to the gallery as a more stand alone thing .


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