Damn it’s cold, but things are looking up

Yesterday was a serious bear, with wind chills in the low -40sF. And of course they had a late start yesterday, when I had a 9am doctor’s appt and so couldn’t sleep in :(. Ain’t that the way? Today’s still quite cold (current -8F with a wind chill of -22F), but a lot better than yesterday, and it looks like it’s going to stay around that for the next few days. Doesn’t look like our highs will be above 0 until Monday, but they’re talking a high in the (positive) 20’s on Tuesday – break out the shorts!

The Doc says I’m all fine but that I should get a little more exercise and lose a little weight to bring up my good cholesteral. Gee, that’s a shock, given my wildly active, deskbound lifestyle :). Hmph. Glad everything else was cool, though.

Ellery and I are hoping to finish the first full draft of our GECCO paper today. It’s really coming together and I think will be a really nice little paper when it’s done. Nothing earth shattering, but a useful contribution with some nifty graphs :).

I got a real shock yesterday when I remembered that in the next week I have to get my 7 year post-tenure review file ready. So somewhere in all this I have to right 10-15 pages of stuff about my teaching, research, and service. Ouch! I actually like the idea of the process, but meeting that deadline is going to hurt.

Currently listening to the “title” track from Antibalas’ Who Is This America. Man, that is a great song.

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How do you spell “no” again?

Ellery and I are desparately scrambling to get this paper on schema theory and Watson‘s HIFF problem sorted out in time for the GECCO deadline which is a week from tomorrow. And somewhere in there I have to get syllabi ready, put in hours on the CSci search, write some letters of recommendation, and sort out some lab admin things.

I had really hoped to get some serious work done on two other papers with some other students and my sister, but time clearly doesn’t allow. We’ll just have to get on top of things during spring semester.

It will happen, it will happen, it will happen…

Sleep may indeed be optional.

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