Excuse me, I’m not done with this squirrel yet

Noted on Geomblog (who credits it to a mailing list post):

for many academics, the practice of keeping
one’s web page up to date with both their long term and short
term research interests is something that gets prioritized just
below rabid-squirrel-wrestling.

That explains so much.

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Air pollution alert for the southern half of Minnesota(!)

The faculty and staff for the entire University of Minnesota (all campuses) just got this by e-mail:

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has issued an Air
Pollution Alert for Friday and Saturday, February 25 and 26 for the
southern half of Minnesota. This includes the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and

The entire southern half of Minnesota?!?

Wow – I thought we lived out here in the middle of nowhere to avoid this sort of thing. Luckily Morris doesn’t appear to be in this (it was clear enough walking in this morning). This picture from MW HazeCam, however, makes it pretty clear how yucky it is in the Cities at the moment. Visit the MPCA Air Quality Index site for hourly updates and more info.

St. Paul haze, 25 Feb 2005

I still need to say how cool the AfroPunk movie and DoomTree show were on Monday, and what a blast last night’s open mic night was, but that’ll have to wait until more pressing matters are attended to!

Currently listening to: PJ Harvey performing live on the John Peel tribute concerts from late last year. Great stuff.

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