Ah, a Minnesota blizzard

Video showing how miserable it was to be out walking in today’s blizzard.

Today WeatherGrrrl and I walked from the house up to UMM for our radio show (about 1.5 miles each way). When we left at about 11:15am it was a little cold and blowy, but nothing spectacular. When the show ended at 2pm, however, the forecast blizzard had rolled in with all of its pointy teeth sharpened and ready for business.

We actually considered punting the walk back and tried calling Morris transit, but they didn’t answer (turns out they shut up shop at 12:30pm on Sundays), so we bundled up and trekked out in our best imitation of Shackleton. At about the half-way point we ducked into the Morris (movie) Theatre to warm up a bit and re-arrange our scarves, and then we cut through the “mall” for a another bit of respite. The last few blocks were arguably going to be the worst, because (a) we’d cross the railroad tracks, where there’s nothing blocking the north wind for farther than modern telescopes can reach, and (b) we’d ve heading several blocks due north, straight into the teeth of the wind. (Much of the walk up to that point had been west, so sideways to the wind.)

Just after crossing the tracks, Timna drove past, pulled around, and offered us a ride. A TOTAL LIFESAVER! Normally, I’d be all “Oh, I’m just a few blocks from the house, blah, blah, thanks a ton, etc.”, but in this case neither Sue nor I hesitated one teeny bit :-)

The video is basically the walk from the corner of our block, after we were dropped of, up to the front door, and in the lonely little minute documented here my fingers became painfully cold outside of their gloves.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure we moved here voluntarily. 22.5 years ago. And are extremely happy. But right now a warm, sandy beach wouldn’t go awry.

Not even a little bit.

And thanks again to Timna for the lift. That’s part of why living in Morris is so nice!

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JOCP! There’s a video for “Frontier Psychiatrist”!

We’d played this song a ton on Unhindered by Talent when it was new, and I had no idea there was ever a video for it. A friend of Tom’s just pointed him to it over on Facebook (thanks Devin!) and I had way too much fun watching this several times. So many wonderful images, but I must say the drummer in pearls and the three dudes in lederhosen crack me up every time.

The album this is from was initially released in Australia in 2000, but it’s UK and US releases were delayed as the band worked to sort out sampling clearances, ultimately replacing several of the samples they couldn’t get cleared.

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