PeeZed gets an asteroid named after him!

Toutatis asteroid from JPLEvery science nerd hopes to get something named after them, with the mostly likely candidates being small invertebrates or small celestial bodies as there are lots of both still without names.

As further proof of how cool PeeZed is, he just got an asteroid named after him! The little rock formally known as 153298 is now “paulmyers”, which is certainly easier to remember for the test. Visit MPR for an interview.

(The asteroid in the photo isn’t “paulmyers”; it’s a photo of the Toutatis asteroid from JPL.)

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We can all make history come alive

Harry Lamin
Courtesty of Status-Q, I’ve just run across this amazing and wonderful little project: WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier.

Bill Lamin is posting the letters his grandfather (Harry Lamin) wrote home from the front of WWI as a blog. Each letter is posted 90 years after (to the day) Harry wrote it, so following the blog is somewhat like being his family, waiting for news, hoping it’s good.

What a brilliantly simple idea, absolutely full of potential and possibility. Our family is fortunate enough to have a number of excellent diaries, letter collections, and such, and I’ve often thought of “doing something” with them. My thoughts had always been fairly traditional; this opens all sorts of doors.


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