Bags of new, uh, “Make Tea Not War” bags over on CafePress

Updated our “Make Tea Not War” CafePress shop to include a number of new bags. Go shop!

You know you’d love to be sporting a fine “Make Tea Not War” bag like this, wouldn’t you?

Our good friend Jane pointed out that our “Make Tea Not War” shop on CafePress had fallen quite badly out of date, as CafePress has added, removed, and altered product options.

She was apparently looking to replace a bag that had died after several years of use, and kept getting an “out of stock” response. Looking at it from our end suggests they don’t make that kind of bag anymore, and perhaps haven’t for quite some time. Sighz.

To be honest, we mostly set that shop up so we could buy stuff for ourselves, and we don’t pay a ton of attention to it. We occasionally get a couple of bucks because some random stranger buys one of our bits and bobs, but I’m not sure we’ve ever made enough to take the three of us out to a cheap meal. This is partly because we don’t really do anything to promote our wares, but the lack of movement also doesn’t particular encourage us to put in a lot of effort watching the store.

Hence the rather nasty drift in the product line. It turns out that CafePress has added a bunch of items since I’d last paid any attention, as well as discontinuing a few. I updated things some, removing obviously discontinued items, and adding our lovely, hand-calligraphed “Make Tea Not War” slogan to a bunch of new bags, ranging from fancy messenger bags to nice looking little lunch bags.

And hey, you know that tea goes way better with lunch than war does. Way better.

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