Mutant Variety Show accounting

From memory (It doesn't add up anymore)
For the bored among you, I’ve posted the accounting or the Mutant Variety Show as a Google Doc.

I’m writing the checks to the two organizations as we speak, and we’ve raised (to date) a total of $748, or $374 for each organization (the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and the Cancer Kids Fund of the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota).

People can continue to donate in our name to LAF via their Mutant Variety Show web site, and I’m sure that Cancer Kids wouldn’t argue if you sent them a check.

Thanks a zillion to all our wonderful performers and our incredibly generous audience!

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Mutant Variety Show poster

As mentioned earlier, In a little less than three weeks, Sub-Evil Boy and I will be hosting a strange evening of music and fun, with donations going to cancer-related charities.

And so here we have our advertising poster :-).

The octopus image comes from PeeZed’s blog, the photo of Sub-Evil and I from Ellery Fisher, and the banjo shot is mine. The background is a manipulated detail from a photo of some of WeatherGirl‘s wonderful art.

Hardly high art, but still it has an antique etching of an octopus, and that’s gotta be worth something!

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